xiahou bieber (hezul) wrote in mizu_no_naka,
xiahou bieber

[Fruits Basket] Spring

Fruits Basket, Kana, 221 words.
Rating: G
Summary: Kana. Drabble-ish.
Notes: For fanfic100, theme #62...wait for it...spring! Absolutely no spoilers, hooray.

Kana loves spring, loves the warm breezes and the bright sunshine and the sound of snowmelt running into the gutter. She loves seeing a flash of color from the corner of her eye as she walks through the park, and turning and seeing a patch of flowers in full, fragrant bloom. She loves sitting under a tree with a book and reading for hours, looking up every now and then to see the sky blocked out by branches covered in cherry blossoms. She loves walking in the park with her shoes off and feeling the grass between her toes.

Spring, she thinks, is like finally being able to smile again after you've been sad and crying for a long, long time. The downs of life are as inevitable as the winter snows, but all you can do is hold on through them and wait for the sunny days to come back - and they always do. Somehow, spring even made her love snow more than she used to, because now she doesn't see it as the product of cold, dreary weather, but instead as a sign of good things to come. Happiness is always sweeter after sorrow, and spring is always more beautiful after a particularly harsh winter.

Spring is life, and Kana doesn't believe in letting life pass you by.
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