xiahou bieber (hezul) wrote in mizu_no_naka,
xiahou bieber

[31_days theme exchange] 01

First drabble for the 31_days theme exchange. Further info can be found with the master list here.

Mama never did get me a pony
[ fruits basket ]

It was always the little things that mattered more between Tohru and her mother, because Kyoko worked hard enough to earn them a living, and Tohru worked hard to make things easier around their home for her sake, and neither of them would dream of making things harder on the other by expecting bigger things from them.

So it was the little things, a favorite meal cooked after a long day, a favorite bedtime story, a hug or a playful tussle of the hair; they didn’t really need the big things, because in the end the little things were enough.
Tags: 31 days theme exchange
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