xiahou bieber (hezul) wrote in mizu_no_naka,
xiahou bieber

[31_days theme exchange] 02

Second drabble for the 31_days theme exchange.

Does a mullet make a man?
[ nextwave ]

A genetically engineered army of clone soldiers with mullets might have given anyone else reason to pause.

On the other hand, when your job routinely involved fighting mutant lizard monsters, robot samurai, and evil clones of Stephen Hawking in armored wheelchairs, you got better at taking these things in stride, and so Elsa Bloodstone didn’t stop and think twice – she already had a good idea of how to handle them, and it mostly came down to “lock and load.”

It was a bit of a pity she didn’t have the shovel this time, though. Efficient? Not really.

Badass? Most verily.
Tags: 31 days theme exchange
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