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[Megaman X] Never Make the Same Mistake Twice

Never Make the Same Mistake Twice
Megaman X, Axl, 342 words.
Rating: PG-13 for profanity
Summary: A fast look at Axl's learning process.
Notes: Challenge #28 for insert_phrase--incorporate the phrase "stupid should hurt." This is short, yeah. Barely better than a drabble. And once again, I was trying for something different than my usual with the style. I think I'm fonder of the concept than how I executed this one. :/

In any operation, there are a million little things that can go wrong.

I guess I should know that well, since I've been through like 384924 of them myself, and I was probably responsible for at least half of those. But I can at least say that I don't make the same mistake twice, so when something goes wrong, at least I know I'm discovering number 384925 and not just rehashing old mistakes all over again.

Red used to say that stupid should hurt. And in our line of work, it usually did.

Pain is a good teacher, one of the best I had. Red was the other one. Pain taught me when I was doing something stupid and Red taught me how not to do it again. I like to think I've gotten better, and now that Red's gone half of my lessons are self-taught. But pain's still there, and half of my lessons still hurt like a bitch to learn.

Not that these kinds of things are going through my mind when I'm being thrown against a wall at high speed or anything, of course.

But as soon as I've had my 2.4834 seconds of recovery time and I'm getting back to my feet, I'm taking mental notes. It's that or maybe make the same mistake twice in one day, and I'm sure as hell never going to let that happen.

384925: The RAX-3400 line of ride armor is faster than the old 3300 series.

Some lessons are just extentions of those already learned.

384926: Much faster.

And some lessons are just the next step of logic.

384927: It would be really swell if intelligence gave us warning about the 3400's.

Some lessons are obvious enough that they don't really count, otherwise I'd probably be looking at 384928: It really hurts when a 3400 throws you into a wall.

The real lesson 384928 is that 3400's have really shitty shielding around the arm joints.

There may be pain in every lesson, but nobody said it always had to be mine.
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